Session #2
Shit hits the fan

session #2:

Quentin added to campaign

Matt found info dump including history of town, university and knowledge of giant beasty, history of human cadavers by Dr. West who was run out town a long time. Team decided to continue to the library to research Dr. West more. Quentin performed psychometry on book Matt was using. Nothing useful or unusual. Helena experienced foreboding outside the library and when team got to the location of Dr. West’s papers, they are missing. Quentin attempted psychometry on location and saw creepy S.O.B young man, dark deeds in vicinity of papers, fairly well dressed but crumpled like he slept in it.

Eunice got flirted for all heck by Helena and she found out nick carter is friend of Francis and talked to him. discovered that Francis is experimenting with immortality on human hybrids. As Helena recovered information, Quentin and Matt found their way into a secret freight elevator and found a sub-sub basement that contained old medical equipment and explored an open room containing shackles. Quentin put on shackles and discovered a flood of memories and alternative entrance to sub sub basement. He experienced eating human flesh via memory connection and became overwhelmed. He stepped outside of room to play candy crush and friend Helena on Facebook. She accepted friend request reluctantly continued to flirt with Eunince. As Quentin was distracted by candy crush, a zombie dog snarled and bit him in the leg. In response, Quentin whaled on dog and broke its foreleg. Matt heard commotion and killed dog by stabbing in the throat

Session One
Interest is Piqued
This still needs to be formatted and edited. Please feel free to do so if you would like

We open to Matt and Helena going about their normal Monday morning routine. Breakfast, feeding & walking the doggo, and the commute to class. Once on campus they notice a police presence and start asking questions. They discover that Preston Witherspoon, the star swimmer for the swim team, was found drowned in the pool a couple hours ago. In addition to that weirdness, a mutilated animal was found in front of the Admin Building at the Aylesbury St. entrance to school. Over the coarse of your morning while digging into these mysteries Matt and Helena cross paths a couple times and figure out that they are both interested in the same weirdness. They both seem hesitant to trust the other, but agree to share information and work together in a limited fashion. Helena’s digging turns up missing security footage from the campus police servers, and a stack of photos from the animal mutilation scene that were taken by one of the school journalists. Matt discovers that not only did the swimmer drown, and a dog was mutilated on campus, but a cadaver has gone missing from the Med school morgue, and a lot of family pets have been disappearing from the town in conjunction with several odd animal sightings near and on campus. Their investigations take them a couple days and Tuesday morning another animal is found mutilated. Helena’s research eventually turns up occult significance to the mutilations and Matt sets a series of traps and snares to capture these odd animals that have been sighted on and around campus. He hid himself in the center of his trap field and as the evening creeped ever closer to midnight he caught something in one of his snares, but was prevented from checking on it by a group of five robed figured emerging from the trees into a nearby clearing leading a dog. One of the robed figures appeared to be carrying a sword of all things. The robed figures laid out various bits and bobs and started chanting. The chanting grew ever louder the longer it went on, as though it were building to something. While this was happening Matt had the forethought to use his phone to record what was being said. As the chanting appeared to be drawing to a climax the dog was led into the center of their mystical mumbo-jumbo and it was completely clear that the dog was going to be the next mutilation victim. Realizing this Matt sprang into action to a perfect ninja leap down from the tree he was hiding in and unleashed the fury of his single-shot flare gun in an effort to safe the pooch. He briefly blinded the one shot at, but was rushed by four of the five robed figures. He ran off into the woods to save himself only to return much later after the coast was clear. He discovered the mutilated remains of the poor doggo, and upon searching his snare found a torn off dog leg in the snare. Helena and Matt met up the next morning to share info. They determined through some more research that the robed figures were trying to call or summoning someone or something, at least if you believe in magic that’s what they were doing. After they figured that out they decided it was late enough that a vet might be open and they talked a veterinarian into looking at the leg. The vet determined that the tearing occured post mortum after rigor mortis had released its hold. The one odd thing was that the leg started spasming when one of the vet techs brought a couple blood samples into the room for testing. Helena and Matt absconded whith the leg and decided to store it in Matts freezer.

One thing of note that occured was that Matt’s heirloom mask was repeatedly not where he left it over the last couple days. Whenever he left the room it was in or the apartment itself, he would find it strategically located nearer to him or in a vantage point to “see” him as soon as he reentered the room or apartment.


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