Quentin Fairfax

Adrian Scott


Tall, Dark, and Handsomeeeeee.


Quentin Fairfax
Graduate level student at the university
Occult studies

He found out at age ten that he had a very special relationship to objects. Just after his grandmother’s funeral he helped box up her estate with his mother and after coming into brief contact with a spoon, a family heirloom as he soon found out, he heard, saw, felt, and experienced the history of his family and the makers of such an unremarkable but special object.

Endowed to him by his grandfather SWORD at the age of 16 and he began training right then and there! By reliving past experiences and pedal to the medal physical training.

Interest in the occult and history made him a perfect fit for the occult studies at University where he met the other two hooligans.

Quentin Fairfax

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